Jane Pearson

Bachelor of Fine Art – University of Idaho

I began painting in my early teens after experiencing an intense dream in which I was painting the scene before me with ease and confidence. I had no previous art training or exposure. My mother and older sister encouraged me by buying the needed paints and books to begin my self-education.

I attended Kent State University, took a leave of absence, moved to Germany soaking up the culture of Europe for a year, then returned to the States and finished my art education at the University of Idaho. During my college years I focused on jewelry, sculpture, photography and graphic design.

I made my living in the following years in the field of graphic design, working first as the staff artist for The Daily News in Longview, WA, followed by freelance graphic design, teaching and developing a graphic design program at a community college in Michigan. In the early ’90’s, I again landed at a newspaper, The Daily World in Aberdeen, WA, where I started as an ad salesperson and ad designer, working up to Advertising Director. During those years I also studied the theater arts, acting and directing. I am also an avid gardener and cook.

After moving to Benton City in 2004, and marrying Larry Pearson, I returned to painting. My inspiration is around me constantly. Our bucolic life in the vineyard, the intensely beautiful surroundings, our wine focused lifestyle, these things all inspire my paintings as I try to chronicle our life and experience here on Red Mountain.

My chosen medium is acrylic paint. I love the ease of use and the quick drying time. My work features friends, family and our hard working staff. I work from my own photos, save for one painting, Wine Soirée, in which I used a photo from my friend and neighbor, Linda Andrews.

My paintings have been used on our Spilya Vineyard Syrah Artist Series since our 2005 release of that wine. Each year I produce at least one painting for those labels and I aspire to devote more time to painting. Life on the vineyard presents so many wonderful life experiences. The whole place is like a blank palette…flowers to be planted, parties to plan, photo opportunities galore, food to prepare, paintings to be painted. It’s cooking, gardening, photography and theater all at once, all passions of mine and all shared with the man of my dreams.